Kelvin Rollitt




Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar & Vocals

Kelv's first ever album was 'Quo Live'  - the definitive 1977 rock classic.

 The denim, the simplicity and the raw, pounding energy of the Glasgow Apollo live recording immediately inspired him to ditch his nylon strung Spanish guitar, buy levis and a leather jacket and save up for a Fender Telecaster. Guitar lessons followed and he switched his energies from learning 'Country Roads' to 'Roll Over Lay Down'.

 However, during the year that it took him to save the deposit, Thin Lizzie released 'Live & Dangerous' and it blew him away. The Telecaster idea was replaced with an obsession for Les Pauls - a black Les Paul Custom (a la Brian Robertson) to be precise. His dreams were dashed when the finance company refused his application. Aged 17 and a student, his father agreed to act as guarantor and HP duly obliged.

Now joined by a Gibson Flying V & Explorer, a Fender Strat and an Ovation acoustic, the Les Paul is still his most treasured axe and he has still been known to knock out the odd rendition of 'The Boys are Back in Town'.


Kelv uses Suhr, Gibson, PRS & Fender Guitars, Fender Basses, Marshall, Hughes & Kettner & Ashdown Amplification with Line 6 & TC Helicon Effects.