Some Say... Sooty once smiled during a Business set!

Some Say... Kelv is not ginger, he's strawberry blonde!

Some Say... Nicky Boy has never emitted gas from any bodily orifice, he has servants to do it for him!

All we know is........ They're called THE BUSINESS!


The Business are a three piece covers band playing Pop & Rock classics from the mid 1960's to 2014

The band was formed in 2006 by four members of Newark based party band No Claims.

 THE BUSINESS is currently:-

Kelvin (Kelv) Rollitt - Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar and Vocals

Neil (Sooty) Bailey - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Pre-Recorded Drum Tracks and MIDI Programming

Nick (Nicky Boy) Newsum - Keyboards and Vocals

  From rock classics like Van Halen's Jump to classic 80's pop like Duran Duran's Rio the guys call on a wealth of musical experience and skills, not to mention some pretty scary technical wizardry, to faithfully recreate some of the best (in our opinion) songs ever recorded.

Be sure you book THE BUSINESS for your function for a great night of entertainment!

Or why not come down and see the Band at one of their public GIGS and judge for yourselves?